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1891 Ancestor Vine Shiraz 2014 Vintage



Planted by Thomas Hardy in 1891, the last remaining 2.54 Ha block of Ancestor Vines still produces exceptionally high-quality fruit. Referred to as Bob’s selection after Andrew’s father, cuttings from these grandfather vines have been borrowed by neighbours over time, to plant some of the most celebrated vineyards in the district. Unlike other vines of similar longevity, they still appear youthful and barely half their age to the naked eye. They also produce yields of much younger and healthier vines. Andrew has been making small amounts of hand crafted wine from these vines for over two decades and still has a vertical library stretching back fifteen years. This unique library of Ox Hardy 1891 Ancestor Vine Shiraz is a stunning showcase of the quality of the vineyard, the priceless value of the Ancestor Vines, and Andrew’s abundant winemaking talents.